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Wellbore Tubular Deformations: Characterization using Well Xplore™

Course Overview:

This hands-on course will provide attendees with an overview of wellbore tubular deformation modes. Various wellbore applications (enhanced recovery, thermal, CHOPS and cavern storage) will be reviewed, along with an overview of some of the deformation mechanisms (permafrost thaw, salt creep and formation movement) and impacts on well integrity. Emphasis will be on the use of C-FER’s Multifinger Caliper (“MFC”) analysis software (Well Xplore™) to identify and characterize such deformations.

The objectives of this course are to review:

  • Formation and operational mechanisms leading to wellbore tubular deformations
  • MFC tool configuration and data collection best practices
  • Tubular deformation diagnosis and quantification using MFC analysis software
  • Erroneous data handling.

This course includes hands-on training with Well Xplore™, a software developed by C-FER for the interactive evaluation of casing deformations using MFC logs.

Duration: 1 Day

Who Should Attend:

This course has been developed for well integrity engineers, completion and production engineers in oil and gas and cavern storage companies, the staff of logging service companies, and related equipment manufacturers.

You Will Learn:

At the end of the course, attendees will gain an improved understanding and appreciation for:

  • Key considerations involved in the tool configuration and data collection practices of MFCs;
  • How various formation movements can result in single and combined deformation modes (shear, collapse, buckling, parted, and burst tubulars);
  • Utilizing MFC logging tools and analysis software to visualize, characterize, and quantify deformations prior to executing repair or mitigation operations; and
  • Using MFC analysis software to provide Finite Element Analysis inputs for tubular deformation and geomechanics modeling.

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