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Environmental & Asset Condition Monitoring

The Industry Challenge:

Maintenance is expensive but equipment failures are worse.

Asset condition visibility and situational awareness can increase understanding of what is occurring on-site. This allows for timely, informed decision-making to reduce failures, optimize maintenance costs, increase asset longevity and improve safety of operations. But as the complexity and challenges of operations increase, effective monitoring solutions can become difficult.

Challenging environment condition monitoring solutions can address system issues through a combination of:

  • Custom Structural, Mechanical & Fluid System Measurement Acquisition & Analysis Systems including:
    • Load, Strain, Pressure, Temperature, Displacement, Level, Flow, Acceleration Measurements
    • Measurement Validations and Instrumentation Calibration
  • Model Validation
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Failure Investigations

But a holistic approach looking at the challenge in its entirety and distinct from its parts is key to finding the best solution for the situation.

How We Help:

Real-world challenges can’t always be simulated or recreated in a laboratory. Limitations exist that can include cost, complexity, capability or a combination of the three. In these situations C-FER will bring our comprehensive testing expertise, advanced software, and measurement acquisition capabilities right to where your challenge exists as specialized on-site field services.

We can augment your unique technical capabilities with our own to provide everything from direct to desk field data to comprehensive engineering based analysis for the most challenging applications. Implementing turn-key solutions using commercial off-the-shelf products and exisiting procedures can provide quick answers to critical problems. When these solutions don't work, new procedures, novel measurement devices, acquisition systems and measurement techniques can be developed. 

C-FER can be a powerful resource for improving your profitability and safety. We can help you reduce your risk and protect the things that are important. When C-FER combines application specific asset visibility solutions with professional assessments built on experience and expertise, you can ensure you have the right information to make decisions that are supported by high quality data.

Service Portfolio Sample

  • Static & Dynamic Strain and Crack Propagation Measurements for Equipment Fatigue Failure Monitoring
  • Non-Intrusive Equipment & Process Operation Monitoring including Logging with Event Alerts
  • Vibration and Acoustics Acquisition, Processing, Logging and Event Alerts
  • Image Acquisition and Transmission on Alarm Condition
  • Independent Field Measurement System Qualification


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