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C-FER operates two high-bay testing labs in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. These facilities house a variety of large-scale testing systems that can combine load, pressure, temperature and fluid environments to simulate virtually any operating condition encountered in industry. This includes:

  • High temperature flow loops to simulate downhole operating conditions for production and drilling equipment;
  • High capacity load frames with ability to apply cyclic and bending loads to completion equipment, line pipe and structures;
  • Large diameter pressure vessel for simulating deepwater operating environments with concurrent application of bending and torsional loading;
  • Special Environments Lab (SEL) for sour service testing of full-scale well equipment including corrosive and explosive environments;
  • Strong floor and wall for structural testing of large systems;
  • Pipeline leak simulator for evaluating the performance of leak detection systems;
  • Cyclic pressure system for simulating pressure fatigue loading of pipes and pressure containment equipment;
  • High capacity cooling system for conducting large-scale equipment tests at low temperature; and
  • Large diameter wellbore for simulating deep well operating environments.

C-FER performs tests following a variety of international standards; however, where there are no standards, C-FER’s testing engineers and technologists routinely work with our clients to develop custom testing procedures and systems to meet specific testing needs.

C-FER also provides field services to assist Operators in monitoring the performance of field equipment under actual operating conditions. This can include specialized, high-speed data acquisition systems or arrays of instruments to monitor complex equipment behaviours.


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