Technical Publications

Welcome to the List of Works Published page. You can find a searchable list of all the papers and presentations our team of professionals has published while at C-FER. The form is defaulted to have all years selected.

Title Author Year
A Saskatchewan Field Trial to Better Understand Downhole Dynamics of PCP Systems Noonan, S. G., & Skoczylas, P. 2010
Application of Reliability Based Design and Assessment to Maintenance and Protection Decisions for Natural Gas Pipelines Nessim, M.A., Yue, H.K. and Zhou, J. 2010
Application of Reliability Based Design and Assessment to Seismic Evaluations Nessim, M.A., Yoosef-Ghodsi, N., Honegger, D., Zhou, J. and Wang, S. 2010
Large Scale Experimental Data for Improved Strain-Based Design Models Stephens, M.J., Petersen, R.T., Wang, Y.-Y., Gordon, R. and Horsley, D. 2010
Reliability-Based Corrosion Management: The Impact of Maintenance and Implications for the Time to Next Inspection Stephens, M.J., Nessim, M.A. and van Roodselaar, A. 2010
Finite Element Analysis of Flaw Growth History Yoosef-Ghodsi, N., Duan, D.-M., Chen, Q., Petersen, R.T. and Fan, C.Y. 2010
Enbridge Northern Pipeline: 25 Years of Operation, Successes and Challenges Pederson, I., Sen, M., Bidwell, A. and Yoosef-Ghodsi, N. 2010
Finite Element Analysis of Fibre Augmented Steel Technology Pipe (FAST-Pipe™) Yoosef-Ghodsi, N., Salama, M. and Chen, Q. 2010
Using Ultrasonic Techniques to Accurately Examine Seal-Surface-Contact Stress in Premium Connections Hamilton, K. A., Wagg, B., & Roth, T. 2009
CHOPS Without Sand Wagg, B. T., Fang, Y., & Birkett, D. 2009