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PC-PUMP Current Version

Features of the lastest version of PC-PUMP

December 2019
3.7.4 Version highlights

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Windows 10 Improvements
  • Equipment Database
  • AMPCP Wear Prediction (Optional Module)
  • New Licensing Option

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C-FER is pleased to announce the release of an update to PC-PUMP® . PC PUMP® v3.7.4 has the following additions over PC-PUMP® v3.7.3:

Minor Bug Fixes. Several minor PC-PUMP software bugs have been fixed in v3.7.4.

Windows 10 Improvements. We have been working to improve the user experience of PC-PUMP in Windows 10 over the last few versions. In v3.7.4, almost all of the main input and output windows have been updated. We will continue to work to update the remaining windows in further versions of the software.

Equipment Database Significant updates have been made to the PC-PUMP equipment database to reflect recent changes in a number of equipment manufacturers’ product lines.

AMPCP Wear Prediction. C-FER’s All-Metal PCP (AMPCP) wear prediction model has been expanded and improved. This is an optional module within PC-PUMP available to users for an additional cost. This model is briefly described in SPE 190945 by O. Becerra and J. Sheldon. If you are interested in learning more about this module, please contact C-FER for more information.

New Licensing Options. C-FER is introducing Softlock. With this new licensing option there is no need for physical hardware (HASP key); this allows the users to set up more easily a virtual license server, and even to have it provisioned on the cloud. There is nothing to ship, so your company won’t need to wait for a key to be delivered or to deal with customs processes and fees. All the programming is completed remotely from C-FER’s office; therefore, users with Softlock will not need to enter feature codes to upgrade the software version each year. Please contact C-FER for more information about Softlock.

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