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PC-PUMP® allows users to perform quality analyses, designs and evaluations for downhole progressing cavity pumping applications. PC-PUMP® provides a comprehensive tool for operating companies and equipment vendors to design pumping systems, to meet the needs of specific well conditions and operating practices. No other software is capable of providing the level of detailed and in-depth analysis of surface drives and bottomhole assemblies that can be performed using PC-PUMP® .

PC-PUMP Features

PC-PUMP® Features

  • Enhanced design tools module includes equipment specification and well survey
  • Enhanced analysis module includes specifications for operating conditions and fluid properties
  • Exhaustive database of standard and vendor equipment
  • An intuitive interface
  • Quick conversion to and from Metric and Oilfield units
PC-PUMP Benefits

PC-PUMP® Benefits

  • Select optimum configuration for new wells from a complete, up-to-date vendor database
  • Compare alternatives, diagnose problems, optimize system performance and make decisions efficiently
  • Minimize downtime while problem-solving a non-productive well

In the design module, if issues are identified, the user can substitute different equipment components or can adjust the operating conditions until loads are within acceptable limits. The user can also evaluate the safety of the system by evaluating the capacity of the selected braking system to control back spin during a shutdown event.

A performance comparison of rod driven pumps to electric submersible PCP systems (i.e. PCPs driven by ESP motors) is also made possible. PC-PUMP® is also valuable for optimizing well productivity on an ongoing basis by ensuring that pump equipment and speed matches well inflow.

PC-PUMP® can also be used to optimize well operations by evaluating how changes in operating conditions such as pump speed could impact the operation and safety of the system.

Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) Training

The use of PC-PUMP® software, together with the training courses, will provide you with the necessary knowledge and technology for the evaluation and optimization of your downhole pumping systems, saving you both time and money.


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