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Testing Technology to deal with Solids in CSG / CBM Wells

The Industry Challenge

Accumulation of solids in Coal Seam Gas (CSG, which is also sometimes referred to a Coal Bed Methane or CBM) operations can pose serious problems for operators.  Various technologies are being sold or proposed to solve these problems but very few have been properly tested in a controlled environment under representative CSG conditions.  Some of the most common solutions include injecting water downhole, using an automatic diverter valve (ADV), varying the pump geometry, or using paddle rotors or rotor jets.  

There are many ways to deal with solids and no consensus on which technology works best and under what envelope of conditions.  This introduces a lot of uncertainty for operators trying to determine which technology is best suited for their wells. 

C-FER is launching a Joint Industry Project (JIP) in 2018 that will enable a key group of major CSG operators to evaluate technologies in a consistent and scientific manner.  Through this JIP, C-FER will run tests in a dedicated experimental apparatus that will closely mimic the relevant field conditions in a CSG well.  This will allow the operators to make better informed decisions about which technologies to use, where it’s best to deploy them, and provide a venue for them to share learnings and best-practices as they work together to optimize their CSG operations.

How to Get Involved in this JIP

  1. If you are an Equipment Vendor of CSG Technology: contact C-FER and ask whether your system may be suitable for JIP testing.  As new systems are developed C-FER has been tasked with identifying suitable candidates.  We’ll present your technology to the JIP members, make them aware, and see if they want to evaluate it.
  2. If you are a CSG Operator: contact C-FER and inquire about joining this JIP, sharing learnings, and actively collaboration on testing and evaluating technology for these challenging conditions.

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