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The Industry Challenge:

Geothermal operations face many of the same challenges as the oil and gas industry in developing and maintaining producing wells.  As the geothermal industry expands the existing hydrothermal base to include more difficult reservoirs and commercializes enhanced geothermal system (EGS) resources, it becomes imperative to address technical challenges to new well development such as:

  • Reduced drilling and completion costs;
  • Reliable high-temperature completion equipment;
  • Thermal well design; and
  • Exploitation of offshore reservoirs.

In both new and existing geothermal wells, proper operation and maintenance becomes essential to providing long-term value for the operator.  This maintenance involves well integrity and flow assurance challenges, including:

  • Scale and corrosion management;
  • Optimized production rates and improved pump reliability;
  • Cement integrity during pressure and temperature cycling;
  • Erosion monitoring and control; and
  • Solids management.

How We Help:

C-FER Technologies leverages over 30 years of research and development in the oil and gas industry to assist geothermal companies in pushing the limits of current engineering constraints and develop challenging resources.

Using the latest analysis methods and our world-class full-scale testing laboratories, C‑FER can help geothermal companies in areas such as:

  • Thermal well design through evaluation high-temperature completion equipment, casing and tubing connections, sand control systems and thermal cement properties;
  • Well integrity by evaluating existing cement integrity, well remediation options, and performing risk assessments;
  • Well log interpretation including casing deformation analysis using C-FER’s Well Xplore™ software;
  • Scale management through design and testing of scale mitigation approaches;
  • Corrosive environment testing on material samples, protective coatings and full-scale equipment;
  • Flow assurance including pump reliability analysis, accelerated aging tests, erosion testing and erosion failure analysis;
  • Production Optimization by characterizing full-scale production equipment and processes, flow control devices, downhole pumping systems, and multi-phase flow conditions; and
  • Subsidence management through heat transfer modeling, buckling evaluation and well design optimization.

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