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Sand Control Systems

The Industry Challenge:

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) wells require some form of sand control completion in the horizontal section of the well to prevent sand inflow.

This is a challenging application for conventional sand control systems such as wire wrap screens due to the high operating temperatures and the difficulty in running the liners into shallow wells with high curvature build sections and long horizontal sections.

In most cases, SAGD operators have used slotted liners to provide the necessary sand control performance, as these are generally more robust and economical than conventional screens.

To employ the liners “to bottom”, operators found that it was often necessary to rotate the liner while running.

Even with rotation, there was often significant resistance to running the liner, which raised the concern that the combination of axial force and torsion could damage the liner during installation.

As such, operators needed to set limits on the combination of torque and axial load applied to the liners during installation to avoid damaging the liners.

How We Help:

C-FER assessed the structural integrity and slot/gap opening of slotted liners, wire-wrap screens and cartridge screens using finite element models to simulate thermal operations for various slot and screen configurations.

Full-scale structural tests were used to benchmark modeling results and to verify vendor claims of the structural capacity of these systems.

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