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Offshore Structures and Ships

The Industry Challenge:

Offshore structures and ships are subjected to severe loading conditions due to waves, ice and ship collisions. Ship structures typically employ stiffened plates while fixed structures typically employ steel-concrete composites.

The complex nature of these structures and the loading mechanisms make it difficult to predict their performance in service.

How We Help:

C-FER has developed a variety of custom testing apparatuses to test the performance of large structures under combined loading conditions which include the testing of:

  • Stiffened plates for icebreaker hulls;
  • Composite steel-concrete ice resistant structures for arctic drilling platforms; and
  • Wave loading of composite risers for floating platforms.

C-FER has also developed advanced finite element models to assess the potential for damage to offshore structures caused by ship collisions and ice loading.

The testing and modeling results are used to help optimize the design of structures in terms of strength-weight ratio, service life and cost.

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