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Reliability Based Design

The Industry Challenge:

Complex systems like pipelines must be designed to account for a broad range of threats such as corrosion, third-party damage, ground movement and manufacturing defects. Operators require a rigorous design approach that gives appropriate, consistent consideration to each of these threats.

The challenge is to ensure consistent levels of safety and reliability while considering all of the applicable threats that could impact the system. In some cases, current design codes do not explicitly consider all of the threats or treat them in a consistent manner.

This can result in significantly different levels of reliability, including overly conservative designs, in a pipeline system.

How We Help:

C-FER uses a reliability-based design approach which considers the probability of failure for each individual threat, then combines all of the threats to determine if the total probability of failure is within acceptable levels.

The approach explicitly models specific threats so that designs can be tailored to address the threats throughout the life of the pipeline system.

Operators can choose to increase the target reliability for specific failure types or sections of pipeline to meet corporate or regulatory requirements.


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