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Pipeline Integrity Management

The Industry Challenge:

Regulators require pipeline operators to demonstrate that they follow a rigorous process to assess the risk associated with a pipeline and develop and implement a comprehensive integrity management program.

Conventional risk ranking methods do not provide enough quantitative information to make objective, transparent decisions to support an integrity maintenance program.

Risk assessments must consider a range of threats to the integrity of the pipeline; however, most operators do not have sufficient historical performance data or use rigorous engineering models to properly assess all of these threats.

Operators implement various detection, mitigation and prevention options to reduce the risk; although, evaluating the benefit‑cost of each option is difficult without quantitative estimates of how much each activity will reduce the estimated risk.

How We Help:

C-FER developed the PIRAMID™ software through a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to evaluate the risk for different segments of a pipeline system, to estimate the increase in risk with time and to understand which factors have the greatest influence on the risk.

The software estimates the probability of occurrence of failures based on historical failure rates or using detailed engineering models where detailed attribute data (such as inline inspection surveys) are available for a segment of pipe.

Consequences of failures are estimated in terms of life safety, environmental and economic impact. Pipeline operators can use the results of the risk analysis to conduct “what if” analyses for different maintenance strategies to optimize the benefit-cost ratio or life safety impact and demonstrate to regulators why specific maintenance activities were undertaken or deferred.

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