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Erosion Assessments

The Industry Challenge:

The ability to predict gas and liquid flows is essential in the energy industry. Such flows might be in a reservoir, through wells and pipelines, in tanks, or throughout various processes.

When these flows are complex and difficult to characterize with analytical or empirical models, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can provide the answer.

How We Help:

A large number of calculations are performed allowing a variety of flow parameters to be quantified and visualized, including flow velocity, pressure, temperature, particle trajectories, and others.

Once the computer model is developed, different configurations, operating conditions, or designs can be quickly explored for optimization, saving time and money when compared with experimentation.

Where there is a problem in a process, such as an unexpected flow rate or a high erosion rate, a CFD model can not only show the source of the issue, but offer a means by which the problem can be designed out of the system.

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