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Well Servicing Operations

The Industry Challenge:

Evidence that might explain the root cause of a failure event during well servicing is frequently destroyed by the structural damage, fire or explosion that results from the failure, making it difficult to reconstruct the operating conditions leading up to the event.

Eye witness accounts can also be unreliable as individuals usually only observed a small component of the events, lacking an overall view of the entire incident.

How We Help:

C-FER uses our knowledge of well operations to reconstruct the operating conditions prior to the incident to identify abnormal conditions or non-standard procedures that could have contributed to the incident.

Observations made at the incident site and witness accounts are validated by using engineering calculations and computer models to reconstruct the operating conditions and failure events.

Large-scale tests of the actual failed equipment or representative samples of new equipment can be conducted to reproduce the failure events or to identify abnormalities in the manufacturing, assembly or application of the equipment that might have caused the failure.

The incident investigation report provides an objective assessment of the failure and supports the observations and conclusions reached with a summary of the test and analysis results.

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