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Oil Sands Equipment Monitoring

The Industry Challenge:

Oil sands mining operations are one of the most challenging environments in the energy industry.

In the winter, extreme low temperatures cause the mined ore to freeze into solid blocks that can damage crushing equipment, and cause structural components of equipment to become brittle.

In the summer, ultra-class trucks and shovels are subjected to twisting and eccentric loads as they negotiate the softened ore on the mine roads and at the mine face. These extreme variations in loading can cause damaging vibrations and cracks in structural components and accelerated failure.

How We Help:

C-FER has developed customizable instrumentation systems to monitor mining equipment in the field. 

We can provide both wired or wireless instrumentation systems to collect data for any piece of equipment that is demonstrating abnormal behavior. We can also develop novel instrumentation systems that can be installed on several pieces of equipment where a general issue has been identified. 

Wireless monitoring enables simultaneous high-speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple inputs as part of a scalable network. The main benefit of a wireless network is that it enables access to hard-to-reach places in a non-intrusive way that doesn’t influence the machinery or operations.

Some common applications include:

  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Structural load, stress and vibration monitoring
  • Displacement and inclination/orientation of equipment
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Crack propagation

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