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High Temperature Artificial Lift - Seal Testing

The Industry Challenge:

Artificial lift systems in thermal and HPHT operations are required to operate at temperatures exceeding 200°C (392°F). Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) pumping systems have emerged as the most viable artificial lift type for these applications.

Full-scale pump testing at C-FER demonstrated that seal sections of ESPs are prone to failure when operating at elevated temperatures.

Analysis of failed pumps showed that it was difficult to pinpoint the failure mechanism due to the complex, dynamic nature of the seal operating environment.

How We Help:

C-FER constructed a unique testing system that subjects the seal section of an ESP to the operating conditions encountered in a high temperature well including thrust, torque, pressure and temperature.

This includes imposing true transient operating conditions - not just “equilibrium” conditions. Tests can evaluate the internal response of the seal systems to understand the most common mechanisms of failure in current designs and to evaluate the performance of new designs.

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