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Seal Evaluation for Premium Connections

The Industry Challenge:

Operators require gas tight connections for a variety of applications including thermal, HPHT and tight oil wells. Premium connections that incorporate a metal-to-metal seal near the nose of the casing pin end can provide this level of seal performance.

Premium connections do not follow a specific design code so their performance can vary considerably among manufacturers and even among different casing sizes.

Conventional torque-turns measurements during connection assembly are not adequate to confirm proper metal-to-metal seal engagement.

How We Help:

C-FER has developed a specialized tool called Real Time Premium Connection Evaluation (URAP) to ultrasonically examine the contact stress at the radial metal-to-metal seal of premium connections after they are made up.

The URAP scans describe the uniformity of the contact stress profile on the seal surface and indicates irregularities that represent potential leak paths across the seal. URAP is used to:

  • Pre-qualify connections to be used in full-scale qualification programs to ensure that the connections being tested are representative of the design intent;
  • Assess the effects of loading or thermal cycling on the seal contact stress during premium connection test programs;
  • Confirm mill-end make ups, as part of the manufacturer’s quality assurance program; and
  • Evaluate prototype connection designs to help optimize new designs.

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