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Downhole Oil-Water Separation DHOWS

The Industry Challenge:

Generally, the percentage of water (water cut) that is produced from a reservoir increases over the life of a well.

Late in the life of wells, the water cut can increase dramatically, increasing the cost of producing each barrel of oil and increasing the cost for building and operating surface facilities to handle and dispose of the massive volumes of produced water.

In mature fields, oil production rates can be limited by the water handling and disposal capacity of the surface facilities which limits the ability to add infill wells or enhanced oil recovery processes to extend the reservoir life.

How We Help:

C-FER, in conjunction with the independent consulting company New Paradigm Engineering Ltd., developed the concept of separating the majority of the produced water from the oil in the wellbore and injecting the water into a disposal zone in the same wellbore.

This may reduce the energy required to transport the produced water to surface and minimizes the water treatment and disposal facilities at the surface.

Through a Joint Industry Project (JIP), C-FER designed and tested prototypes of a hydrocyclone-based separator systems in a test well to demonstrate the concept and to help refine prototype designs using electric submersible, progressing cavity and beam pumps as well as for gas lift systems.

Numerous field trials were conducted that successfully demonstrated the system performance in a variety of reservoir settings. The ESP variant of this system was licensed to two multi-national service companies.

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