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Develop Technologies

Through working with operating companies, equipment vendors and regulators, C-FER gains a broad perspective of industry challenges and often identifies gaps in the available technologies.

Filling these gaps can proceed in a number of different ways. 

In some cases, C-FER works with a technology vendor to develop a new technology that builds on their current services or products offered to industry.

In other cases, C-FER will organize a Joint Industry Project (JIP), usually with the operating companies, to pool resources in developing a brand new technology that can either be commercialized through C-FER or by licensing the technology to an existing service or supply company.

These solutions can include software, equipment or even best practices and standards that can be used by industry. 

Ownership of intellectual property related to the new technologies is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the goal of ensuring that all parties involved benefit.

C-FER can also assist in identifying opportunities to secure additional funding to support the technology development project through various agencies including:

  • Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
  • Industrial Research Assistance Program
  • Western Economic Diversification
  • Sustainable Development Technology Canada
  • Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation

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