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C-FER works with industry to develop solutions to unique engineering challenges. This often requires in‑depth discussions with a client’s subject matter experts and the return to first principals engineering to understand their key issues.

Once these issues are understood, C-FER works with the client to develop a work scope that will deliver the solution in the time frame required. This can include:

  • qualifying designs;
  • optimizing operations;
  • managing risk;
  • investigating failures;
  • tracking performance; and
  • developing technology.

As part of these activities, C-FER often develops novel analysis techniques and testing equipment which build on our past experience or forge new approaches that have never been tried before.

The challenges faced by a single client may be common to others in the industry, presenting the opportunity for industry to collaborate in finding a solution. This is common in areas such as safety, environmental protection, regulatory compliance, consolidating industry best practices and new technology development and evaluation. C-FER is experienced at developing Joint Industry Projects, where industry participants can share the cost of the work and leverage technical contributions from across industry.

The key to all projects is the transfer of the knowledge, which is gained during the project and delivered to the client. C-FER’s project teams continually interact with clients to ensure that benefits from the project are realized promptly and that the project remains focused on the client’s objectives. Knowledge transfer occurs through a combination of client’s interacting during project updates, observing tests, reviewing detailed engineering reports, using new engineering software and attending training seminars.


Helping operators and vendors qualify equipment

Making operations more efficient

Understanding and mitigating risk

Identifying root causes of failure

Understanding equipment performance and failures

Engineering solutions

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