Well Xplore

Well Xplore provides easy to use and accurate evaluation of wellbore deformation that operators use to monitor threats to wellbore integrity and safety in severe operating environments such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage. Operators use this information to reduce costs associated with well failures and gather better information to support future well design.

Well Xplore uses the caliper tool geometry and the measured eccentricity relative to the pipe centre to calculate the local curvature of the pipe at each reading station. The curvature and well orientation is also determined and then is combined to describe the local well trajectory.
From the raw log, the location of a deformation can be identified (figure a), but using WellXplore to accurately recreate the well trajectory, the mechanism of the failure can be quantified and better understood (figure b). The ability to magnify changes in radius, trajectory and cross-section eases interpretation of these features.

WellXplore’s processing algorithms have been validated and enhanced through full scale trials at C-FER’s testing facility.

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