Torsion Testing

When well construction is over, producers need reliable artificial lift systems to bring the oil to the surface and obtain return on their investment.

The material and design of each component is critical to achieve a profitable performance. Finding material and design issues in rods at the field is costly. It involves significant well intervention expenses resulting in production losses.

In order to improve reliability, drive rods must be qualified to handle the torsional and axial loads found in Progressing Cavity Pumping systems. C-FER Technologies’ Torsion Testing System provides a safe and cost effective way to determine the operational limits of drive rod bodies and connections.

Determining the elastic and plastic limits using combined torsional, and axial loads provides the data needed to validate simulation models, improve rod and connection designs, and ultimately optimize the performance of drive rod strings.

Your business is risky enough. Remove the guess work regarding the performance of your drive rods, so you can focus on optimizing your production.