SAGD Well Construction Best Practices

During the rapid growth of SAGD in Canada operating companies have developed a variety of in-house design and installation practices to address the challenges of constructing SAGD wells. These practices are generally designed for the specific reservoir conditions and equipment available to the operating company. Due to the rapid change in technologies offered by the service companies it is difficult to ensure that the well construction practices in use are the “best” available for a particular application. In addition, staff turnover in the office and on the rigs makes it difficult to ensure that the established practices are properly implemented and kept up to date.

In this joint industry project (JIP), C-FER Technologies brought industry together to complete a critical review of current SAGD well construction practices and establish a set of best practices for selected drilling and completions activities specific to SAGD wells. The JIP also focuses on enhancing awareness of the importance of following established procedure and identifying current limitations in technology and areas where improvements are warranted.

Attached File: SAGD Well Construction Best Practices