SAGD Downhole Flow Control Joint Industry Project

Operational experience in vertical and deviated thermal wellbores has shown that proper control of steam injection and production inflow can have a significant impact on the steam-oil ratio (SOR), oil recovery , the rate of recovery and overall economics of a thermal recovery project. Field evidence suggests that better downhole flow control methods are called for in order to improve steam injection and production conformance, and to improve the uniformity of the steam chamber in order to increase the oil rates, thermal efficiency and recovery in a number of SAGD projects currently in operation.

However, SAGD operators recognized that the industry must first address a number of technical and economic questions and challenges in order to advance alternative steam injection and production inflow control methods to the point where it may be considered a viable alternative. The common need to address these uncertainties became the motivation for the industry and C-FER to initiate the SAGD Downhole Flow Control JIP, which for Phase I was named the SAGD Steam Injection Control JIP.

Attached File: SAGD Downhole Flow Control Joint Industry Project