High-Temperature Flow Loop Testing


With wells being operated in harsh environments such as SAGD, producers need reliable Artificial Lift Systems. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, CFER Technologies’ high-temperature flow loop provides a safe and effective way to evaluate various pumping systems through their whole operating range.

The custom flow loop includes actual wellhead components. A 100 ft long oilfield casing correctly captures downhole wellbore fluid dynamics for a SAGD production well. The flow loop is used to carefully test the performance of downhole pumping systems that closely represent real world conditions. This includes pressures up to 800 psi and fluid temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius.

The flow loop also allows for mixtures of oil, water, and gas to be used for testing, with accurate control of temperature, pressure, flow rate, steam and gas fractions. Fully automated from a command centre there are systems in place to ensure that testing is done safely. C-FER can test the performance and reliability of the newest forms of high temperature Artificial Lift system over the entire lifecycle.

The data acquisition system allows for accurate characterization of pump hydraulic efficiency, torque, vibration, minimum operating pressure, and other important parameters.

Your business is risky enough. Don’t guess at the expected performance of your artificial lift system.  Let C-FER improve the safety, return, and reliability of your thermal operation.


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Overview of C-FER's High-Temperature Flow Loop