High GVF Pump Testing

In many applications, artificial lift systems are required to handle a high gas volume fraction (GVF) at the pump intake. This high GVF could be a result of gas evolving out of reservoir fluids or steam breaking-through during SAGD production, and it usually results in some reduction in the pump performance.

There is a growing industry need to better understand how free gas and/or live steam at the intake affects the ability of the pump to deliver the required flow rate at a specified discharge pressure or differential pressure. In response to this need, C-FER designed and built a multiphase flow loop capable of testing artificial lift systems under high-GVF conditions. This flow loop is unique in its ability to handle tests with water, air, and live steam (or combinations thereof) at relatively high temperatures and pressures. It also allows for temperature and pressure monitoring via specialized high-resolution instrumentation at each pump stage.

Attached File: high-gvf-pump-testing.pdf