Full-Scale Sour Service Tubular Performance JIP

Operators respond to the challenges of sour environments on wellbore tubulars and equipment in the following: corrosion prevention & inhibitors, production strategies and equipment & material selection. One of the biggest considerations is how operators select the best materials for their well conditions.

Industry experts from both operators and tubular manufacturers concede that there are limitations with standardized tests such as those prescribed by NACE TM0177. These limitations may lead to test results that may not correlate directly to full-scale results under the same environmental conditions. Due to the complexity and significant cost, only a handful of full-scale tests have been performed, and consensus among industry experts is that more is needed to understand material behaviour in sour environments.

Learn how C-FER's proposed Joint Industry Project is helping respond to this challenge.

Attached File: Full-scale Sour Service Tubular Performance JIP