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Update on C-FER's COVID-19 Response

Operational Continuity and Contingency Plans

At C-FER, we are strictly following the recommendations of our local health authorities to manage the situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak. Keeping the health and well-being of our employees, their families, our clients, and the community at large is our top priority.

Recent travelers and personnel with vulnerable health conditions were identified during the early stages of the alert. A self-isolation policy was promptly implemented. Special safe-work protocols were defined to minimize exposure of people on site and mitigate the likelihood of spreading the virus.

Simultaneously, we are taking the following measures to minimize the impact on our operations and services:

  • We have now successfully implemented remote work arrangements for most of our employees. Hardware, software and communication tools and infrastructure were secured and distributed to employees to enable them to work efficiently from home.
  • We have limited staff working on-site. Their activities are mostly related to testing projects and the necessary supporting functions.
  • The doors to our two locations in Edmonton are locked to the general public. However, shipping and receiving functions continue as warranted.
  • External face-to-face meetings have been suspended until further notice and replaced by virtual meetings and teleconferences. The same approach has been implemented internally in most cases. When physical presence is necessary, social distancing rules are strictly followed.

Our current plan is to continue to operate as indicated above while it is deemed safe to do so, and to the extent feasible.

However, our contingency plan includes the possibility of completely suspending staff working on-site at our facilities. This measure could be triggered by external factors, such as federal or provincial government orders. It also could be triggered by internal circumstances, such as a substantial increase in the staff direct exposure to the virus or the lack of available staff to conduct essential tasks. To our knowledge, no staff have had direct exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

Please note that even in the case of a total physical shutdown of our facilities, we still expect that a large portion of our staff will continue to work remotely, providing support and services to our clients.

Thank you for your understanding during these exceptional times.

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