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Presentation Announcement: C-FER to present at the SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference

C-FER Technologies is proud to have two presentations at the upcoming 2016 SPE Heavy Oil Conference in Calgary.

Mr. Cam Matthews, C-FER’s Fellow, will present “A Study of Sealability Evaluation Criteria for Casing Connections in Thermal Wells.”  He will present the results from an experimental metal-to-metal seal investigation and describes their use to establish a simplified sealability criterion for premium casing connections.  The test results were used to characterize the relationship that existed between the leakage rates recorded in the tests and the selected control variables: differential pressure; seal length; tubular size; and seal contact stress level.  Mr. Matthews will also demonstrate the use of the proposed sealabilty evaluation criterion in conjunction with the FEA results established for a premium connection subjected to thermal cycle loading. His presentation is scheduled on 3:30PM – 4:00PM, Wednesday, June 8, 2016, at Palomino D of BMO Centre at Stampede Park.

Mr. Gang Tao will present "Evaluation of Horizontal Liner Installation Loads Using Advanced Numerical Simulation Technique."  He will present on the evaluation of loads during slotted liner installation, and describe a new stiff-string torque and drag analysis model. His presentation will include example analyses and discuss considerations for design improvement. His presentation is schedule

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