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How to optimize SAGD production with AICV

Flow control devices are used in SAGD wells to balance the oil inflow along horizontal wells and mitigate unwanted fluid breakthrough.

The newest generation of flow control devices for SAGD wells, Autonomous Inflow Control Valves (AICVs), can:

  • optimize oil production;
  • reduce SOR; and
  • significantly restrict the inflow of unwanted fluids.

To assess the performance of AICVs, we conducted testing in a full-scale high temperature laboratory flow loop that replicates SAGD production conditions. Details of the test program, and the principles that make up the AICV technology, are presented in a paper co-authored by Steven Swaffield.

The paper will be presented as an ePoster at the upcoming SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta on Oct 1, 2019 at 3:15 p.m. The presentation will be at ePoster Screen G . You will learn about the single-phase and multi-phase flow performance behavior of AICVs and how they can reduce steam use in SAGD projects.  

The entire paper – Verification of Autonomous Inflow Control Valve Flow Performance within Heavy Oil SAGD Thermal Flow Loop - is available through the 2019 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.

Steven Swaffield is a Research Engineer-in-Training in the Production Operations department at C-FER. His focus is on experimental fluid mechanics and thermal applications.

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