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How engineering analysis and field run-life data can be coupled to predict the effects of wellbore curvature on ESP reliability

C-FER’s Craig Radke is presenting at the 2020 SPE Symposium: ESP Journey to the Future.

During the presentation, Craig will discuss how wellbore trajectory, reserve recovery and productivity can be considered in combination to optimize ESP designs and improve the run-life of ESPs in horizontal wells.

The presentation includes a case study on how a combined physics-based and data-driven analysis approach was applied to ESP-lifted fields. Craig will explain how finite element analysis and field reliability data analysis methods were used to correlate the calculated housing stress and curvature of ESP components with the reliability of the ESP system.  

The presentation is titled, “Approach to predict the impact of wellbore trajectory on ESP reliability using coupled engineering models and field run-life data,” and will be presented on February 19, 2020 during Session 2: “Big Data and AI in ESP”.

Craig Radke is a Research Engineer in C-FER’s Software Products & Training department. He has 6 years of experience in ESP reliability analysis and research, including overseeing the ESP Reliability Information and Failure Tracking System (ESP-RIFTS) and ESP Reliability in High Curvature Wells industry consortia.


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