C-FER’s response to COVID-19

Read the latest update on C-FER's response to COVID-19 from Francisco Alhanati, Managing Director.


On March 30, the Alberta Government announced a list of business currently permitted to provide services at locations accessible to public.

In strict adherence to government guidelines, C-FER continues to conduct work out of its facilities in Edmonton, in support of the energy industry, but with measures in place to mitigate the risk of exposure of staff, clients and contractors working on site. A large portion of the staff is effectively working from home. The steps we took have allowed us to continue to operate near full capacity. We will update clients, suppliers and contractors should our situation change.



C-FER works in partnership with the global energy industry to advance safety, environmental performance and efficiency.  We provide full-scale testing and specialized engineering consulting services from our world-class facilities in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

C-FER is a not-for-profit, fee-for-service subsidiary of Alberta Innovates.


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