Technical Publications

Welcome to the List of Works Published page. You can find a searchable list of all the papers and presentations our team of professionals has published while at C-FER. The form is defaulted to have all years selected.

Title Author Year
Technology Focus: Heavy Oil (March 2010) Matthews, C. 2010
A Limit State Function for Pipelines Containing Long Corrosion Defects. Chebaro, M. and Zhou, W. 2010
Technology Focus: Production Operations (March 2010) Alhanati, F.J.S. 2010
Experimental Investigation on the Viscous Effect on Two-Phase Flow Patterns and Hydraulic Performance of Electrical Submersible Pumps Trevisan, F., & Prado, M. G. 2010
Getting Smarter and Hotter With ESPs for SAGD Noonan, S. G., Dowling, M. A., Dambrosio, L. L., & Klaczek, W. 2010
Finite Element Analysis of Fibre Augmented Steel Technology Pipe (FAST-Pipe™) Yoosef-Ghodsi, N., Salama, M. and Chen, Q. 2010
Inherent Dangers in PCP Run-Life Field Data Analysis Sheldon, J., Alhanati, F. J. S., & Skoczylas, P. 2010
A Saskatchewan Field Trial to Better Understand Downhole Dynamics of PCP Systems Noonan, S. G., & Skoczylas, P. 2010
The Quest To Understand ESP Performance and Reliability at 220C Ambient and Beyond Noonan, S. G., Dowling, M. A., Klaczek, W., & Sukianto, H. 2009
Time Prediction Enhancement For the Bottom Slamming Phenomenon Rahati, A., & Hamoudi, B. 2009