Technical Publications

Welcome to the List of Works Published page. You can find a searchable list of all the papers and presentations our team of professionals has published while at C-FER. The form is defaulted to have all years selected.

Title Author Year
Limit States Design for Onshore Pipelines – Design Rules for Operating Pressure and Equipment Impact Loads Nessim, M. A. and Adianto, R. H. 2014
Technology Focus: Heavy Oil (March 2014) Matthews, C. 2014
Limit States Design for Onshore Pipelines: Designing for Hydrostatic Test Pressure and Restrained Thermal Expansion Adianto, R. H. and Nessim, M.A. 2014
Leak Detection Using Distributed Temperature Sensing: An Improved Calculation Method Skoczylas, P., Dessein, T., Rizwan, T. and Medynski, S. 2014
Experimental and Analytical Leak Characterization for Axial Through-Wall Cracks in a Liquids Pipeline Chebaro, M. R., Yoosef-Ghodsi, N., Norfleet, D. M., Bergman, J. H. and Sutton, A. C. 2014
Assessing the Probability of Detecting Crack Features using Ultrasonic In-line Inspection Tool Run Results and Excavation Data. Lu, D., Skow, J. and Keane, S. 2014
In-Line Inspection Tool Performance Evaluation Using Field Excavation Data Skow, J. and LeBlanc, L. 2014
The Effects of Corrosion Measurement Error on a Safety Risk Assessment: A TransGas Case Study Bandstra, D. and Gorrill, C. 2014
Qualification Testing of Mechanical Pipe Joining Method McColl, D. and Whiting, A. 2014
Assessment of Artificial Lift Methods for a Heavy Oil Field in Kuwait Worth, D. J., Al-safran Eissa M, Choudhuri, A., & Al-Jasmi, A. K. 2014