Technical Publications

Welcome to the List of Works Published page. You can find a searchable list of all the papers and presentations our team of professionals has published while at C-FER. The form is defaulted to have all years selected.

Title Author Year
Reliability-Based Limit States Design for Onshore Pipelines Nessim, Maher, Zimmerman, Tom, Glover, Alan, McLamb, Martin, Rothwell, Brian and Zhou, Joe. 2002
A Model for Sizing High Consequence Areas Associated With Natural Gas Pipelines Stephens, Mark, Leewis, Keith, and Moore, Daron K. 2002
A Justification for Designing and Operating Pipelines Up to Stresses of 80% SMYS McLamb, Martin, Hopkins, Phil, Marley, Mark and Nessim, Maher. 2002
ESP Failures: Can We Talk the Same Language? Alhanati, F. J. S., Solanki, S. C., & Zahacy, T. A. 2001
Development of Collapse Ratings for High Temperature and Pressure Coiled Tubing Applications Luft, H. B., Wright, R., Lallemant, F., & Kis, P. 2001
Risk-Based Maintenance Planning for Offshore Pipelines Nessim, M. A., Stephens, M. J., & Zimmerman, T. J. E. 2000
Water Management In The Oil Production Industry Wallace, E. D., Zhou, J., Matthews, C., & Hoffman, E. 2000
Evaluating Casing Deformation Mechanisms in Primary Heavy Oil Production Wagg, B., Xie, J., Solanki, S., & Arndt, S. 1999
Optimization of Diesel Powered Underwater Vehicles Potter, I. J., Reader, G. T., & Hawley, J. G. 1999
Field Trial of the First Desanding System for Downhole Oil/Water Separation in a Heavy-Oil Application Danyluk, T. L., Chachula, R. C., & Solanki, S. C. 1998