How we help

C-FER works primarily in the oil and gas industry, serving upstream drilling and production operations as well as midstream and downstream pipeline operations. Due to our location in Western Canada, many of our clients are focused on the development of the heavy oil and bitumen resources in the oil sands.

We also provide global assistance in dealing with challenging applications including deepwater operations, HPHT wells and Arctic energy developments.

Our unique testing systems have also been...

C-FER works with industry to develop solutions to unique engineering challenges. This often requires in‑depth discussions with a client’s subject matter experts and the return to first principals engineering to understand their key issues.

As part of these activities, C-FER often develops novel analysis techniques and testing equipment which build on our past experience or forge new approaches that have never been tried before.

Operators and equipment vendors use C-FER’s large-scale testing lab and advanced computer modeling to qualify equipment. This includes proving the suitability of new equipment designs for an existing application or the suitability of current equipment designs pushed to operate in more harsh environments.

In many cases, standards and test procedures do not exist; therefore, C-FER works with the client to develop an evaluation approach that addresses the critical functional aspects of the...

Equipment failures are caused by a complex combination of factors including design, operation and environment. C-FER can help identify the root cause of the failure through a staged approach that includes:

  1. In-depth inspection and analysis of the failed component to determine the mechanism of failure;
  2. Comparison to similar failure reports to identify trends in equipment performance;
  3. Field monitoring to identify equipment and operating conditions that might contribute to the failure;
  4. Modeling of...

C-FER works with operators to help them understand the risk that they face in their operations by developing customized risk assessments.

The client’s expert knowledge of the equipment and operating procedures is used to identify the threats and combinations of events that might lead to an undesirable event, including reduced performance or failure.

The analysis typically includes a broad range of threats such as operator error, corrosion, manufacturing defects, third‑party damage and external...

C-FER works with operators to improve their understanding of how equipment is performing by collecting and organizing data, while applying advanced statistical analyses techniques. This process is often hampered by data that is incomplete, incorrect and inconsistent.

The challenge of incomplete data can be overcome by coordinated data collection programs that focus on the key information required for the performance analysis. This can include data mining existing data sets or pursuing additional...

Operating companies are constantly exploring ways to make their operations more efficient by reducing energy inputs, increasing equipment reliability and maximizing throughput. Various equipment vendors offer solutions to these challenges; however, it is often difficult to evaluate whether a technology is appropriate for a specific application or how much of an impact it might have on the operation.

C-FER helps operating companies identify and assess technologies and processes that have the...