Gas Well Deliquification

The Industry Challenge

Accumulation of solids in Coal Seam Gas (CSG, which is also sometimes referred to a Coal Bed Methane or CBM) operations can pose serious problems for operators.  Various technologies are being sold or proposed to solve these problems but very few have been properly tested in a controlled environment under representative CSG conditions.  Some of the most common solutions include injecting water downhole, using an automatic diverter valve (ADV), varying the pump geometry, or...

C-FER designed and built the Gas Well Deliquification Flow Loop (DFL) to perform qualification and performance tests on novel gas well deliquification technologies, using water, oil, air, or a water/solids mixture as the test fluid.  Testing a system in this flow loop provides the client with a very low risk, affordable opportunity to learn how their system functions under specific test conditions prior to deployment in the field. 

The instrumentation is also easily moveable off-site to a...

The Industry Challenge:

Shallow gas wells produce low volumes of solids and water that, if it not removed from the well, can impede or halt gas production.

Ideally, the liquids and solids can be removed on a continuous bases from the well, down to the producing interval to allow for maximum and stable gas production.

To do this, operators require low‑rate, low‑cost pumping systems to make these wells economically viable.

Many premature failures occurred in field trials of various pumping systems...

The Industry Challenge:

Low rate gas wells do not have sufficient flow velocities to lift produced water to surface. Consequently, the water accumulates in the well, hampers, and eventually stops gas inflow.

Equipment vendors offer a myriad of pumping options to remove the water from the wells; however, little information was available on the performance and reliability of these different systems under different operating conditions.

Gas producers stand to benefit significantly from production...

C-FER designs, constructs and operates custom experimental flow loops. These loops are tailored to meet our clients’ unique testing needs, often involving challenging fluid, pressure and temperature conditions.

Several of C-FER’s previously constructed flow loops are still in operation. These existing loops can be used today to meet our clients’ current testing needs.