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Erosion Testing of Artificial Lift Systems

The Industry Challenge

Operators need to understand the influence of wear on the performance and volumetric efficiency of Artificial Lift (AL) systems.  More than that, they need to understand the relationship between wear and cost, where sometimes spending more money on exotic materials is not the best approach. 

They also want to test technology in the lab, and not in the field where learning is much more expensive.  This is best accomplished with a full-scale laboratory apparatus that’s capable of testing different pumps over a large window of field conditions. 

Having a fit-for-purpose and industry accessible apparatus at an independent test facility ensures that pumps from a variety of vendors can be evaluated using a rigorous and consistent approach.  The objective of this JIP is to provide operators with the ability to effectively compare pumping technologies between vendors, and to evaluate their options when a pump starts to wear – for example, what is the effectiveness of a rotor-swapping operation on a Metal-to-Metal PCP?   

This JIP will let operators “opt in” for specific tests or run individual tests that match exactly their field conditions – and it will let vendors showcase their technology. 

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