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Design of ESPs for High GVF Applications JIP

It is well known that the presence of gas degrades the hydraulic performance of Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs). However, there are no accurate methods for estimating this degradation for multi-stage centrifugal pumps, which makes it challenging for operators to:

  • Select the proper pump model for the application
  • Size the selected system (number of stages, required motor horsepower, etc.)
  • Operate and optimize the installed ESP System (expected vs. measured performance)

The poor estimation of ESP performance with gas will likely lead to:

  • Lost Production by:
    • Repeated low-flow or low-amp trips
    • Inability to draw-down the well to its potential
  • Low Reliability by:
    • Running the ESP outside of optimum range

The project will equip operators with a reliable tool to select, size and operate ESPs used in high Gas Volume Fraction (GVF) applications by improving the estimation of:

  • The amount of gas that enters the ESP Intake
    • Two-phase flow upstream of the ESP System
    • RGS performance and efficiency considering natural separation
  • The Two-Phase Multi-Stage Pump Performance

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