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The system features a supplemental bending apparatus to simulate pump installations in curved wellbores. A hydraulic accumulator system can simulate shock torsional loads that might occur during pump operation or during unplanned shut downs.

The system is capable of applying torque of 16,300 NM (12,000 ft-lb) and axial tension up to 670 kN (150,000 lb). Sucker rod specimens included standard single rods, rods with threaded couplings and continuous rod.

The Industry Challenge:

Maintenance is expensive but equipment failures are worse.

Asset condition visibility and situational awareness can increase understanding of what is occurring on-site. This allows for timely, informed decision-making to reduce failures, optimize maintenance costs, increase asset longevity and improve safety of operations. But as the complexity and challenges of operations increase, effective monitoring solutions can become difficult.

Challenging environment condition...

C-FER offers our services as expert witnesses in litigation or proposed litigation. This may include patent disputes, or suits related to failures of a product or process, or any other case in which the services of a technical expert may be valuable.

Upon request by a solicitor, we will review the elements of a case to determine if we have a person with sufficient expertise in the required field and who is willing to take the case. At that point a retainer agreement will be executed between the...



Risk Assessments Made Easy Workshop Announcement

C-FER Technologies will be at both the International Pipeline Conference and the International Pipeline Expo in September 2018. Visit us at Booth #303.

C-FER will be presenting the following papers at the conference:

Paper Presenter Date & Time
Implementation of Reliability-based Criteria for Corrosion Assessment Riski Adianto Sept 25,
1:30 pm,
McLeod Hall C
Evaluation of Corrosion Growth Prediction Methodologies Using Burst Pressure Comparisons from Repeated In-line...

Professional conduct and mentorship form the foundation for The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET). Every year, the outgoing ASET President recognizes a member whose direction, leadership and mentorship has been instrumental in providing support in the fulfillment of his or her responsibilities over the previous 12 months.

C-FER is pleased to congratulate our Lead Technical Specialist, Tim Roth, C.E.T. on receiving the President’s Award for 2017....

C-FER will be exhibiting at the 2017 GEA GEOEXPO+.

Visit us at booth #407 and learn how C-FER Technologies leverages over 30 years of research and development in the oil and gas industry to assist geothermal companies in pushing the limits of current engineering constraints and develop challenging resources.

Using the latest analysis methods and our world-class full-scale testing laboratories, C‑FER can help geothermal companies in areas such as:

  • Thermal well design through evaluation high...

C-FER will be exhibiting at the 2017 Global Petroleum Show. We will be co-exhibiting with our sister company, InnoTech Alberta (formerly Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures)

Visit us at booth #1807.

C-FER offers testing facilities and expertise that provide solutions to industry's most challenging application. This infographic illustrates how we have built the capabilities that allows us to support industry.

In order to respond to a growing industry demand for its specialized testing and engineering services, C‐FER has recently expanded into a second research facility. The new location at 3712 Roper Road in Edmonton is a 40,000 ft2 building that houses C‐FER’s Pipelines and Structures Division as well as some of the company’s most elaborate testing systems. Examples include one of the world’s largest deep water pipeline testing vessel, equipment to simulate the strain placed on pipelines due to...