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Shallow Gas Wells

The Industry Challenge:

Shallow gas wells produce low volumes of solids and water that, if it not removed from the well, can impede or halt gas production.

Ideally, the liquids and solids can be removed on a continuous bases from the well, down to the producing interval to allow for maximum and stable gas production.

To do this, operators require low‑rate, low‑cost pumping systems to make these wells economically viable.

Many premature failures occurred in field trials of various pumping systems due to a lack of favourable data to help operators select appropriate pumping systems for their specific application. However, an independent testing facility to determine the performance of the different types of pumping systems under realistic operating conditions does not exist.

How We Help:

C-FER built a lab-scale flow loop for testing a wide variety of low-rate pumping systems to evaluate how each works under different representative field operating conditions.

Additionally, C-FER ran a series of controlled field trials in a local test well to demonstrate the performance of the most promising technologies.

This included running tests at greater well depths, which could not be achieved in the lab-scale trials, using actual field running equipment and surface equipment to fully evaluate the system performance under field conditions.

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