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Low Temperature Operations

The Industry Challenge:

Oil and gas operations in the Arctic and cold weather regions are challenged by embrittlement of metal components which can lead to structural cracking under normal loading conditions.

Cold temperatures also reduce the elasticity of sealing components leading to leaks and loss of flexibility of accumulator bladders, leading to loss of function in safety systems such as blow out preventers and transient pressure suppression systems on pipelines.

Rapid changes in equipment temperatures as hot operating fluids contact cold equipment can cause differential expansion of components, which impose abnormal stresses on the equipment that lead to leaks or structural failure.

How We Help:

C-FER develops unique testing systems to evaluate the performance of equipment under cold weather operating conditions.

Specimens can be chilled by methods such as immersion in chilled fluids, and circulation of chilled fluid under pressure or controlled exposure to liquid nitrogen.

Thermal shock loading can be achieved by combining these chilling methods with electric heating systems so that thermal cycling times can be minimized.

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