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Gas Well Dewatering Pump Qualification

The Industry Challenge:

Low rate gas wells do not have sufficient flow velocities to lift produced water to surface. Consequently, the water accumulates in the well, hampers, and eventually stops gas inflow.

Equipment vendors offer a myriad of pumping options to remove the water from the wells; however, little information was available on the performance and reliability of these different systems under different operating conditions.

Gas producers stand to benefit significantly from production and reserve additions resulting from the use of more cost-effective and reliable gas well deliquification technology.

How We Help:

The Gas Well Deliquification Flow Loop (DFL) was designed and built to perform qualification and performance tests on novel gas well deliquification technologies.

Test fluids can include water, oil, air, or a water/solids mixture.

Testing a system in this flow loop provides a low risk, affordable opportunity to learn how the system functions under specific test conditions.

This information can be used by gas producers to select systems best suited to their application and by the equipment vendor to improve the efficiency, reliability or range of application of their systems.

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