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How to assess corrosion with reliability-based criteria

Reliability-based Limit State Design and assessment corrosion criteria have been developed as part of a joint industry project to optimize corrosion mitigation for vintage pipelines. The criteria is calibrated to meet specific reliability targets within a certain tolerance but does not require probabilistic calculations for application. Comparison of the criteria to the CSA Z662 and TransCanada’s in-house reliability-based criteria was undertaken to evaluate the performance of the criteria.  

Dr. Dongliang Lu is presenting the results of this project at the upcoming Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference in Houston, Texas on February 21, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. You will learn about using reliability-based criteria to assess corrosion features affecting onshore pipelines.  

The entire paper – Reliability-based Criteria for Corrosion Assessment - is available through the the conference.

Dr. Dongliang Lu is a Research Engineer in the Pipeline Integrity & Management department at C-FER. His focus is on pipeline integrity assessment, and risk and reliability management.


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